Stig L. Collaboration

Stig L. Collaboration

Posted by Your Friends at PO.P on Sep 15, 2023

"Why not the opposite?"

This was the motto of Stig Lindberg (1916-1982), one of Sweden’s most popular designers and the creator of the classic “Berså” print, which many of you are sure to recognize. But did you know that Stig’s colorful imagination has also provided the illustrations for lots of stories? The tale of Daniel Doppsko, for example, who sails to sea on a chest of drawers.

Stig enjoyed thinking outside the box, and his artistry successfully combines functionality and playfulness. Just like we do. In this playful collab, his beloved prints and illustrations come to life in an autumn collection, where the only limit is imagination.

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“I know at every turn of the page there are new things to discover”

Stig Lindberg

The free spirit

The ability to work freely and in his own way was important to Stig, and he liked experimenting with different painting techniques, colors and materials in his creative process. The aim of his art was to spark joy and curiosity, while he wanted more people to have access to beauty. He was a creative soul who wasn't afraid to swim against the flow, and often asked himself: “Why not the opposite?”

The designer

Stig was hired to work at the famous Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory in his early 20s, after boldly promising then-artistic director Wilhelm Kåge that he would turn things around at the struggling factory. Which he did. With his ingenuity and constant curiosity, Stig gave the factory exactly what it needed.

It was during his time at Gustavsberg that Stig created his now classic “Berså” print, which initially adorned a practical dinnerware set and can still be seen on textiles and gadgets – and now our clothes too. Stig later spent two periods as artistic director at the factory: 1949-1957 and 1971-1980.

The illustrator

Stig’s boundless imagination also brought many characters and stories to life, including Lennart Hellsing’s book about Daniel Doppsko – the boy who sails to sea on a chest of drawers – and his Krakel Spektakel stories. When you read these books, you can’t help but be astonished by Stig’s ability to mix color and form at an extraordinary level of detail.