Outdoor Schools Savings Program

Polarn O. Pyret is partnering with outdoor schools in an effort to raise awareness of the need to bring children back outside, and enable them to enjoy the right gear.

Getting your kids geared up for outdoor school life requires an investment. That's why we are offering outdoor oriented schools and parents a standing 15% discount off full price outerwear, and UV swim & rash guard during the summer season.

We make the best in Swedish kids' outerwear. From warm and comfy hi-tech poly and merino wool, to active kids' water resistant shell gear and rash guard pieces. Our layering system keeps kids comfortable all year long! Your standing 15% off savings will be valid towards all these items as long as they are full price.

Exploring and learning outdoors is an essential part of childhood development in the Swedish curriculum. We believe exploration and exposure to our natural environment will open doors to greater possibilities for learning in the United States and we want to help make it happen here too.

For schools wanting to participate in our Outdoor School Savings Program, we offer a discount profile for the school and/or parents to use on purchases. The discount is associated with an email address that can be the school's email address or the individual parent's email address.

To enjoy your savings, please complete the following application. Questions prior to completing the form? Call us at 877-POP-KID1 or email us at