Shell garments that can grow - and grow back down again!

Shell garments that can grow - and grow back down again!

Posted by Your friends at PO.P! on Sep 23, 2022

Is you child growing scarily fast? Don’t worry, our PO.P Flexisize garments can be extended by up to one and a half sizes. This means that they can be used for much longer and you don’t have to worry about you child outgrowing the clothes. When it’s time to hand the garment down to a smaller child, you simply adjust the size back again. Isn’t that brilliant?

This is PO.P Flexisize

PO.P Flexisize consists of a shell jacket and shell trousers that can be extended up to one and a half sizes, and then adjusted back to the original size again. These garments are simple to adjust with the help of buttonhole elastic, which we regularly use in our trousers and leggings. You'll find PO.P Flexisize garments here.

Red marking

The garment's original position is marked between the two red seams on the buttonhole elastic. When the button is fastened between the markings, the garment will be the size indicated on its label.

Two adjustments in each sleeve and leg

The jacket and trousers have two adjustments in each sleeve and leg, to ensure the best possible fit.'

Several high-tech features

  • The adjustments are concealed in a small pocket inside the sleeves and legs to avoid any risk of snagging when your child puts on or takes off the garment.
  • The garment has multiple adjustment positions, which allows it to grow with your child. That means that your child doesn't have to wear an oversize garment, and avoids unnecessary wear and tear on the garment.
  • The garments carry our PO.P WeatherPRO® label. This label is a guarantee that these clothes meet the high standards that we set for our technical outerwear.

Which size?

The size specified on the label is the garment’s smallest size. So if your child's height is 104cm tall, buy Size 104. The garment can then grow up to one and a half sizes from the specified size. For example, a Size 104 garment can grow to 113cm.


The garment is delivered in its longest, unadjusted position.

Our PO.P Flexisize garments have been designed to be used for longer, thereby making your everyday life easier!

Meet our designer Susan Pang!

Susan is one of our talented Polarn O. Pyret designers. She and her design team have developed our latest innovation: PO.P Flexisize!

Please tell us about your role at Polarn O. Pyret!

"I'm the designer and product developer for our range of technical garments, which includes outerwear, accessories, thermal layers and swimwear. Much of my work involves keeping track of the latest colour and style trends, as well as staying up to date with the latest technologies."

How was the idea for PO.P Flexisize born?

"Outerwear that grows with the child has been on the market for a long time, but these solutions haven't offered the best fit and have been tricky to restore for the next child – which is essential for us, given our goal of at least three children for each of our garments. So the requirement for our solution was that it should be possible to restore the garment to its original size, so it could be used again by the next child. With all this in mind, I started to sketch. The result was PO.P Flexisize."

What inspires you in your day-to-day work?

"An active outdoor lifestyle and spending time in settings with many children. This allows you to see how they move and wear out their garments, which always gives me a lot of inspiration. Having my own children has been the best tool in my job!"

What's the most difficult challenge when designing outerwear for children?

"We set high quality and child safety standards. Creating a functional and user-friendly design that also meets our high standards is tricky. That's the most difficult challenge, in my opinion, and something on which we never compromise! Our garments are safe for children to wear."