PO.P WeatherPRO® - Technical outerwear for a Nordic climate

PO.P WeatherPRO® - Technical outerwear for a Nordic climate

Posted by Your friends at PO.P! on Nov 14, 2019

Let your child explore the world in our PO.P WeatherPRO labelled technical outerwear that protects, and keeps your child comfortably warm and dry. Our shell and padded outerwear garments are up for the challenge – whatever the season or activity. Durable outerwear garments that let children be children.

With over 40 years’ experience of keeping children dry and warm in all weathers, Polarn O. Pyret are experts on outerwear for children. Our clothes are designed to last and be loved for a long time – and then handed down to the next child...and the next. Our multifunctional shell garments and padded outerwear garments with the PO.P WeatherPRO® label have all the important features necessary for your child’s well-being and ability to play freely in all kinds of weather. You can always rest assured that garments with the PO.P WeatherPRO® label satisfy  all our durability, waterproofing, breathability and child safety requirements for technical outerwear. 

Durable outerwear

We use a really tough method to test abrasion resistance that involves forcibly rubbing the fabric with coarse sandpaper to simulate children playing outdoors on different surfaces. Abrasion resistance is at least 5,000 cycles, 180 grit, 12 kPa. Whatever your child’s activity, our multifunctional PO.P WeatherPRO garments are up to the challenge. This means a happy, dry and warm child in all kinds of weather!

Waterproof materials

Outerwear garments with the PO.P WeatherPRO® label are made of a waterproof material with a water column of at least 10,000mm and they also have taped seams, meaning your child can literally sit in a puddle sit in a puddle and their body won’t get wet.

Breathe and wick away moisture

If your child is active and enjoys turbo-charged play, it’s important that their outerwear clothes release excess heat. The breathability of our PO.P WeatherPRO garments is at least 5,000 g/m2/24h, so your child stays warm and dry – even when they perspire.

Protect against chilly winds

Our PO.P WeatherPRO garments are always windproof, meaning the garment helps your child to stay warm by keeping out the wind. Perfect for blustery days at the park or in the school playground!

Retain heat

All our padded PO.P WeatherPRO garments are insulated with thin and lightweight PrimaLoft padding, which keeps your child dry and warm when it’s cold.

Easier for you as a customer
We want to make it clear which items are our technical outerwear garments by giving them the PO.P WeatherPRO® label. This label promises that these clothes have all the features we require for our technical outerwear. 

With PO.P WeatherPRO® outerwear garments you are always guaranteed: 
- Abrasion resistance of at least 5,000 cycles, 180 grit, 12 kPa 
- Waterproof material with a water column of at least 10,000mm 
- Fully taped seams that make the garment completely waterproof 
- Windproof material that keeps out chilly winds 
- Breathability of at least 5,000 g/m2/24h 
- Water repellence with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, a technology that doesn’t use PFASs
- PrimaLoft® insulation in all padded garments  
- Pre-shaped knees and sleeves for the best fit and freedom of movement 
- 3M reflectors for 360-degree visibility 
- Detachable hood with poppers for enhanced safety  
- Premium quality YKK zip 

Here are all our outerwear garments with the PO.P WeatherPRO™ label.

Find the right size
It’s important for outerwear garments to fit well, so all their features are fully effective. You can read more about how to choose the right size overall and outerwear garments here.