10 tips for rainy summer days

10 tips for rainy summer days

Posted by Your friends at PO.P! on Jul 03, 2020

Has rain stopped play? Don’t let bad weather spoil the summer holidays! Here are ten rainy day activities for you and your child to do together – without leaving your home! We’ve collected our top tips for all-weather family fun. Here you’ll find fun and easy activities for even the gloomiest of days!

1. Have a picnic at home

Is the picnic you planned a washout because it’s pouring with rain? Spread the picnic blanket on your living room floor and enjoy all the tasty treats here instead! Tips: Listen to your summer playlist, hang up colorful bunting and sit on cushions to maximize the coziness.

2. Make your own ice pops

Mix fruit and berries in a blender, add a little water and pour into ice pop molds that you pop in the freezer. When the sun comes out again, it’s time to get licking!

3. Make clothes for cuddly toys

Have you got an old sheet or a too-small garment lying around? Use them to make new clothes for teddies or dolls. While your sewing machine is out, why not turn a too-small tank top into a gym bag?

4. Record a music video

Let your kids dress up as rock stars and record a music video for their favorite song. All you need is the camera in your mobile phone – and an app that allows you to edit the video afterwards.

5. Organize a treasure hunt

Be inspired by Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas, dress up as pirates and head off on a treasure hunt at home. Draw a treasure map or hide written clues around the house, and let the children hunt for the treasure!

6. Color our patterns

Have they finished all their coloring books? Print out our lovely patterns and let your children color them with their favorite paints or crayons. You’ll find them here.

7. Bake together

Let your kids decide what to make and then get baking!

8. Transform a moving box

Have you got an empty moving box lying around? Let your kids paint windows and a door on the box – and hey presto you’ve got a little house. Or you could paint tires and doors to transform the box into a car!

9. Do face painting

Face painting is brilliant fun for grown-ups and kids! Use make-up or buy face paints from a toy shop, and transform your kids and yourself into exciting animals.

10. Build a cozy den

Throw a blanket or duvet over the kitchen table or desk and pile plenty of cushions underneath. Take a torch and a book, and crawl inside!

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