What makes our wind fleece jacket so good?

What makes our wind fleece jacket so good?

Posted by Your friends at PO.P! on Apr 06, 2022

Our fleece jacket is one of our best-loved products. The fact that its windproof makes it ideal as either a cosy middle layer or as a jacket for milder days. It can therefore be used all year round. It is an ideal jacket for outdoor school students and fulfills all requirements for a trusty camp jacket this summer!

The fleece fabric is made up of three different layers and materials. The outer fleece, a windproof and waterproof layer underneath, and a soft, brushed jersey fabric on the inside. It has reflective details on the front and back, and one chest pocket. The collar has an extra-soft fabric at the end that acts as an anti-chafe chin guard.

The sleeves of the jacket also have slightly longer rib cuffs complete with thumbholes. They not only help to keep the child's hands warm, but can easily be folded up or down to give a generous amount of growing room.

Windfleece+ shell = the perfect match

When the weather turns colder, the shell jacket can easily be attached to our fleece jacket, turning two jackets into one in the blink of an eye.

You can find our shell jackets here. 

Washing sustainably

Avoid washing your fleece items if possible. You can spot-wash any stain and airing the garment is another good alternative. If it does need washing, we recommend using the Guppyfriend washing bag – this captures any microplastic particles that synthetic materials may release during washing, which stops them ending up in our lakes and seas. The bag also protects your clothes during washing, which means that they’ll last longer!