Shell vs. Classic Rainwear

Shell vs. Classic Rainwear

Posted by Your friends at PO.P! on Mar 21, 2022

Shell or traditional rainwear – what’s the best choice? Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of both products.

Which is best for my child?

The best choice will depend on how your child uses their waterproof gear. As shell garments work so well with the layering principle, and have greater flexibility and durability, many people prefer shell. But if your child is more likely to be sitting still in a sandbox or mud puddle, the breathability of shell garments won’t be needed. In that case, traditional rainwear that’s easy to rinse clean after a day of muddy play is a better alternative.

So give some thought to how your child tends to use their outerwear and base your choice on what suits you both best. If your child does attend an outdoor school, make sure to consult the teachers and see what they recommend.

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