We make the best Swedish childrenswear. Our philosophy has not changed since our first striped T-shirt in 1976. We believe in good looking clothes that let children be children. Clothes should withstand wear-and-tear and become part of your family; from brother to sister, cousin to cousin.

We bring the same philosophy to every decision we make. From environmental to social responsibility, what is good for children is good for adults, too.

This commitment to quality, design and functionality guided us from our humble beginnings in Stockholm to more than 170 stores across Europe. Since 1976, we’ve learned that Swedish families are not the only ones who appreciate our approach to children’s clothing.

Now we are very excited to bring our unique style to the U.S. and have celebrated five years and counting.

We are looking to create brand awareness in affluent, family oriented, and environmentally friendly circles. Our base commission is 8%. Partner affiliates will receive tiered commission rates between 8-11%, and a cookie duration of 30 days for customer purchases. Bonuses will be given for new customers.

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