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Weather Wear

In the links that follow, we have captured some of the knowledge that we have developed over the years regarding children and how to keep them warm and playing outdoors in all kinds of weather.

When should my child wear a hat? How warm is this jacket? Can these pants handle sliding on ice? Our customers have lots of good questions. And we love giving good answers – we could go on forever about children’s clothing and the weather. But if we could say just one thing, this is it: layers. Layers are the best way to dress children.

Children feel the cold differently. Some are constantly moving while others sit still. Finding clothes that work in both rain and freezing weather is not easy. Dressing in layers lets you add or remove clothes as the weather changes. No matter what type of child.

Polarn O. Pyret makes design driven outerwear with a whole lot of function. In our FAQ section, you will get a good understanding of our selection and what will work best for your children’s needs.